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Disability Advocacy Network Of Eastern Ontario


Learning Resources

Financial / Estate Planning

Partners for Planning and The Planning Network provide information on planning topics on a regular and accessbible basis. Their signature Safe and Secure Handbook is updated regularly and is available in convenient electronic and print formats.

Life Planning

The IF (Individualized Funding) Library, hosted at Surrey Place in Toronto, was the product of a research team that included Partners for Planning, Surrey Place (part of Community Living Toronto) and self-advocates and family members. It is a life-stage/age based resource guide to financial planning, getting supports/services, and suggestions for tapping into programs existing in the community. For example, the Disability Travel Card for a 24 year old, learning about advocacy resources for a parent of a 3 year old.

The Ontario Independent Facilitation Network website is a great place for persons and families to learn about independent facilitation, its role, function and practice. Independent facilitation is one of the professional services that can be paid for using Passport Funding.

The community living movement of the 1960s was given a philosophical base by the thoughts and writings of Wolf Wolfensberger on Social Role Valorisation, to counter the impact of devaluation of individuals with disabilities in modern society. These writings were, and remain to this day, critical for individuals, families, social activists and service providers in moving with confidence through personal growth and social change.

Community Living Ontario produces the Inspiring Possibilities Estate Planning Guide and Legal Guide to Engaging Support Workers for People with Disabilities (both available in English and French).

Research and Publications on Intellectual Disability

Brown, I., Percy, M., Aldersey, H. M., Condillac, R. A., Fung, W. L. A., & Isaacs, B. A. (Eds.). (2020). Developmental disabilities in Ontario (4th ed.). Toronto, ON: Delphi Graphic Communications. Distributed by the Ontario Association on Developmental Disabilities (OADD), this resource is used as a basic text in Developmental Service Worker programs throughout Ontario. Available for purchase from OADD it may prove a interesting background to current and future trends in services. You can view the Table of Contents at
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