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Réseau d'action pour l'intégration des personnes handicapées de l'est ontarien

Défense des intérêts des personnes handicapées

Les voix du plaidoyer

Défense des intérêts des personnes handicapées

Ontario Disability Coalition (ODC) is a grassroots coalition,  established in 2017,  to be the voice of parents, caregivers, health service professionals, and disabled individuals children and adults, to advocate for health care services, ensuring that all publicly funded services meet the needs of all disabled individuals. 

Community Living Ontario is the provincial voice of Community Living agencies in Ontario, but also engages in advocacy for persons with a developmental disability and their families. CLO produces the Inspiring Possibilities Estate Planning Guide et à Legal Guide to Engaging Support Workers for People with Disabilities (both available in English and French). The Planning Guide is updated regularly (for the past 30 years) to reflect changes in policies and programs.

Every Canadian Counts milite depuis plus de 10 ans pour de meilleurs services et soutiens. Il se concentre sur un programme d'assurance-invalidité, semblable à celui qui est en place en Australie.

Inclusion Canada, formerly Canadian Association for Community Living., holding annual conferences and on-going speaker series. One of their most noteworthy offerings is the series: Truths of Institutionalization: Past and Present.

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