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Réseau d'action pour l'intégration des personnes handicapées de l'est ontarien

Les voix du plaidoyer


People First of Canada, established in the 1970s, is a movement and a message that is about change. The movement is about individuals and society, about giving people information, opportunities, and support.  

Council of Canadians with Disabilities

Disability without Poverty was formed in early 2021, as a national movement of self-advocates, specifically targetting the Canada Disability Benefit. Holding national information sessions, via Zoom and webinars, including voices from across the country and disability communities, they continue to encourage an open conversation about the proposed benefit.

New Vision Advocates, supported by Community Living London, Ontario, provide with an interesting approach to empowering individuals with an agency setting.

La défense des droits par l'art

Propeller Dance is a local Ottawa dance company that is dedicated to creating meaningful art that broadens acceptance of diversity in its many forms. Propeller holds classes throughout the year, and has a core company of dancers that create and perform regularly . . . to packed audiences.

BEING Studio est un studio d'art visuel situé à Ottawa dont le but est de "valoriser l'œuvre en valorisant l'artiste qui l'a créée". C'est un endroit dynamique et amusant... qui rend hommage au rôle social que jouent les artistes dans notre communauté.

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